Door Prizes!

Event Door Prizes

Everyone likes a door prize, so we have a lot of them!

We will be giving out the following door prizes during the event until 12pm:

  • $125 Cold Hard Cash!
  • SWR Meter
  • Dual Band Magnetic Mount Antenna
  • 2 – $50 ARRL Gift Certificates
  • 2 – $25 ARRL Gift Certificates
  • Books!

You must be present to win. Door prizes during the event will have a half hour claim time. After that the prize will go to the next hour. The 12pm drawings will be drawn until someone present at that drawing wins.

50 / 50 Drawing

During the event  we will also have a 50 / 50 Raffle drawing in accordance with Minnesota State Statute One Day Raffle.

Tickets will be $1 each and 50% of the ticket price will go to the prize pool and 50% will go towards the donation to the Saint Cloud Amateur Radio Club.


We will have the totals updated every 15 minutes.

Prizes will be dished out as follows:

1st Draw – 20%*
2nd Draw – 15%*
3rd Draw – 10%*
4th Draw – 5%*

*No prize is to exceed $599. If any prize goes over $599 the money will overflow into the lower draw. For example, if the 1st Draw is $615, the $16 that is over $599 would go to build the 2nd Draw higher under Minnesota State Statute Gambling Laws no prize shall exceed $599.

Third party volunteers will assist the club for the drawing. Members of the club will be allowed to purchase tickets as nobody from the club will be running the drawing.

The 50/50 Drawing will be conducted at 12pm.